Chinese GWAS

The Laboratory of Precision Nutrition and Computational Medicine


We are the Laboratory of Precision Nutrition and Computational Medicine at the School of Medicine, Westlake University. Our research interests include:

Precision Nutrition:

From the perspective of the interaction among dietary nutrition, gut microbiota, and human genetics, combined with wearable devices and novel experimental designs, we investigate the differential response of the human body to food nutrients and related mechanisms. We are committed to developing new strategies for disease prevention and treatment based on personalized nutrition (such as n-of-1 trials, nutritional genomics, etc.).

Computational Medicine:

Leveraging multi-omics big data on metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes (including nutritional markers, gut microbiota, metabolome, proteome, genome, imaging data, etc.), combined with artificial intelligence algorithms, we aim to reveal the pathogenic mechanisms and intervention targets of age-related chronic diseases.

Gut Microbiome Epidemiology:

Utilizing multiple prospective Chinese population cohorts, we explore the associations between the human gut microbiome genomes, species, functions, and common chronic diseases. We investigate how nutrition and host genetics influence the gut microbiome and how they interact synergistically to impact the occurrence of human diseases. We are also developing gut microbiome biomarkers for the prevention and diagnosis of complex diseases.

Contact us

Yungu Campus, No.600 Dunyu Road, Westlake University, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, PR China