Omics Atlas

Longitudinal serum proteome mapping for healthy ageing and related cardiometabolic diseases

Tang et al., Under Review, 2024

The Laboratory of Precision Nutrition and Computational Medicine

Westlake University

Eighty-six Proteins Associated with Aging

Through a longitudinal analysis of three time points in a 9-year follow-up study of 3796 middle-aged and elderly individuals, we identified 86 proteins that are related to age. The association patterns of these proteins with age were consistent in both the discovery and validation sets.

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Association of 86 Age-Related Proteins with Healthy Aging

We further conducted statistical regression analysis, correlating these 86 proteins with 32 clinical features and the incidence rates of 14 major age-related chronic diseases. These proteins exhibit a high correlation with healthy aging and related cardiometabolic diseases.

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